About Me

Daxter draws on monitor tablet with a bunch of his characters behind him.

Real-life photo of Daxter.



I’m Daxter Slater!

Better known as
Sakeozo online

I'm a pompadour-rockin' artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I draw to tell the stories of a wide variety.

My work mainly constant of vivid colors and bold lineart, but I can easily translate to the different art style when a situation calls for it.
In my work, it is my highest priority is to make sure my work contains empowering, independent, and strong main Deaf protagonists. Frustrated by the lack of childhood positive badass representation of somebody like me, I'm taking this matter into my hands to turn my childhood's desire into a reality. For this, I hope to become a firestarter and open this firey path up for other ambitious cartoonists like me.

Nowadays, I juggle between my personal projects and other freelancing gigs ranging anywhere from something as small as being a Deaf consultant for someone's writing to something as big as being a leading artist.





Most of them are work in process.

Race Against Tempium

This was originally created to pitch an animated film to a big-name animation studio for an authentic Deaf story and representation. I've always wanted to see an independent, self-empowering, and powerful main protagonist who is Deaf, and this is why I've created this project.

Although rejected, I am still pitching to the other animation studios.



How Lovely!~

This personal project is something I've always dreamed of creating for over a decade, and now I finally feel ready. It is in the writing/outlining process now, so please have artwork for now!

HOW LOVELY!~ is a suspenseful crime drama set in an alternate future of 2028 based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and starring three diverse characters to create a chaotic friendship:

  • Kuro Hebito: Pessimist

  • Hope Fox (06): Optimist

  • Taiya Vasiliev: Neutral

A lot of secret remains these petrified statues of gorgon people in Thailand, and that has interested both chaotic trio and Vie Mode, a reputable biotech fashion company known for humanitarian deed. What could they want to do with them? The shocking reveal awaits...

Note: Some pictures are really old.


NDA #1

Graphic artist for a card game.

NDA #2

Lead artist for a charity-based collectible art project.

GUIDO (Fan Zine)

5 months production. I have two artists roles for this fan-made zine booklet, collaborating with many other fanartists.

ASL Project

Collaboration with 26 Deaf artists to re-create an ASL alphabet letter.


How Lovely!~

HOW LOVELY!~ is a suspenseful crime drama set in an alternate future of 2028, starring three diverse characters to create a chaotic but intense friendship:

  • Kuro Hebito: Pessimist

  • ???? ??? (06): Optimist

  • Taiya Vasiliev: Neutral

This graphic novel will appeal to both crime-loving fans and cybernetic-future fans alike, two genres that you don’t see put together very often.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Coming soon to Webtoons and Tapas! Date unknown.

Follow How Lovely!~ for updates

See You Later, Slater!

A small pet project on the side, it is available on Webtoons.

A silly lighthearted and sometimes educational autobiography webcomic about a clumsy Deaf person, babbling about a variety of incidents.
A horror of miscommunication, general randomness, geckos, and other mishaps.



Updated and new work coming soon!

Bipedal Creature: Confirmed

Laser =/= Stars


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
2D Animation

Sir "Tony" Mooge made it to employee of the month.
What could his reaction be?

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, and Adobe After Effects.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Digital Composition

A small experiment with Adobe After Effects and camera.

Software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Animated GIFs

Pixel Icon Animation

50x50 icon made to client specifications.
Software: Adobe Photoshop

Art Commission

Art Commission Status: CASUALLY OPEN

Current Monthly Slot: (3/5)

Current Turnaround: Less than 1-2 week(s).


Scroll down to see the price menus.
If you don’t see what you want, please contact me!

Note: This commission is curated specifically for the online community, where people have their own original character and seek another artist to draw their character. The price for your project will differ from this art commission menus. Please reach out to an artist for a more specific cost.

Rough Sketch

Something small & quick for yourself.

Bust: $20Hip-Up: $35Full-Body: $85

*Read Terms of Service for more information on price variation.


(Digital) Cartoon Illustration

Hard cell shading, bold ink, and awesome coloring!

Bust: $95

Hip-Up: $145

Full-Body: $225

-Transparent Background: Free.
-Detailed Background Scene: Discuss with the artist for cost.

*Read Terms of Service for more information on price variation.


ASL Stuff (Hands-focused)

Created by an authentic Deaf person.

Custom Signs: Starting price at $65+

Custom Full Set Alphabets: Starting price at $300+

Full Set of Alphabets, Numbers, & Classifier: $550+

*Read Terms of Service for more information on price variation.


Pixel Art

Feeling Nostalgic?

50x50 Groovy Icon: $12

-----Larger Size: Discuss with the artist for cost.

Large-Scale Pixel Art with Detailed Scene: $325+

-----Animation: Discuss with the artist for cost.

*Read Terms of Service for more information on price variation.



Heck yeah, a moving picture!

Simple Animation: Starting price, $250+Discuss with the artist for a more specific cost.

Short Complex Animation: Starting price, $1,250+Discuss with the artist for a more specific cost.

Long Complex Animation: Starting price, $3,500+Discuss with the artist for a more specific cost.

*Read Terms of Service for more information on price variation.


Are you interested?



Artist: An individual producing the picture for the client. ("Daxter Slater" / "Sakeozo")Client: An individual purchasing the commission. (You)Commission: The form of service provided by the artist to the client per the commission agreement.NSFW: An abbreviation for "Not Suitable/Safe For Work" meaning the context itself is not something to be opened up in a public place such as a typical workplace, school, or anywhere else, because of the adult theme involved.

• Artist’s average turnaround varies depending on request and to-do. One-character, full-rendered digital illustration of one character can take 1-7 days. For 2D animation, 1-3 month(s). The artist always will inform a client about the turnaround in discussion before payment.
• Artist is not responsible for holding onto old commission files. The client is responsible to save files and keep track of it, and it won't entitle them to free work down the line.
• Complex characters and specifications may be subject to a higher price.
• All artwork is signed with the artist’s online alias ("Sakeozo") except for NSFW artwork under the different alias. The client will receive the information about the artist's NSFW art account alias. The artist will reveal the NSFW art account alias to the client if the client commissioned the artist to draw something NSFW.
• Artist always uploads commission to social media sites, unless the client specifically requested the artist not to. Typically, the artist uploads the picture on these platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, DeviantART, TikTok, Patreon, and Ko-Fi.
• If the client is anxious about the commission, please let the artist know at the beginning of the transaction, and the artist will do their best to help minimize that anxiety.

• Payment is sent through PayPal only in USD. The client will receive an invoice on Paypal from the artist.
• If the client chooses to cancel the commission and it has already been worked on, the client's refund will reflect the progress made on the piece.
• At least the first half of the payment is due upfront before the artist begins on the work. Once the rough sketch image has been approved by the client, then the other half of the payment needs to be done to complete the rest of the art progress.
• If clients really like the artist's service and work, tips are welcome and super appreciated!

• The artist reserves the right to reject commission if it comes to:
---- Copyrighted materials, unless given permission from the owner (will require a proof) but the fan character is fine.
---- Minor client (Under 18 years old) ordering NSFW work.
---- Hate speech.
---- Real-life people who are not either artists or clients, unless given permission from those people (will require a proof).
---- If the client is being pushy, attempt intimidation tactic, and does not respect artist's pricing, that client will be blacklisted by the artist permanently.
---- Any other reason that makes an artist uncomfortable.

Things that can modify the cost of an order
• Due to the additional time and effort, the cost increases if it comes to:
---- Complex Character Design
---- Additional Characters
---- Specific detailed background
---- Additional Character(s) (+ 50% of base price per character.)
---- Heavy written text as a reference instead of a visual reference.
---- If it is not the artist's favorite subject.
---- Deadline
---- Licensing (20-40% times of the cost)

• Due to the shorter time and effort, the cost decreases if it comes to:
---- Blob-like character design
---- Returning client.
---- If the project seems pretty simple.
---- High royalty, and the artist believes in the client's platform.

Work in Progress
• If the client asks for updates, the artist must accept the client's decision.
• Client will not be charged for wanting to see their commission work in progress.
• Artist will reach out to the client and show their work in progress whenever the artist has questions, completed sketch, ink, flat color, shading/lighting, and then touch-up to the final.

• If the artist decides to cancel on the client's commission, then the client will get a full refund regardless of the process of the commission.
• Artist will accept partial Refund once the artist has flat colored client's commission
• There will be NO refund once the picture is finished.

• It is the client's responsibility to make sure they have the information nailed down before commissioning the artist. They may ask the artist questions if they want to know what kind of information they need to provide to the artist.
• It is the client's responsibility to communicate with artists if they have any concerns and want to make changes to the work.
• Artist will fix small/minor mistakes and fixes for free.
• If the client wishes to make a major change to pose, entire character design, scene, and the likes, after artist's sketch/rough draft has been completed. then the client will be charged 50% of the base price. 25% of the base cost extra more, if it has been colored in already.
• Once the commission has been approved, labeled completed, and uploaded to social media sites by the artist, it is completed and cannot be altered anymore after that. The client will need to make a new order.

Using and Re-Posting Your Commission Image
• By commissioning the artist, the client does not own the rights to the image, the client is paying for the work. If the client is interested in buying the rights to the image, please specify that before commissioning the artist.
• The client may upload/use the commissioned artwork to their personal website or gallery, but credit to the artist is required.
• Client may NOT re-sell, edit, alter, claim the commission work as their own, or use this work for profit gain in any way, shape, or form unless the artist transfers copyright to the client.
• If the client is selling a character and a piece of artist's artwork is included, they may not sell artwork along with it, unless the artist was contacted and given permission beforehand.


Do you agree to this Term of Service?